Land Clearing / Forestry Mulching

Clearing a lot is not difficult but it can be overwhelming and months of hard work!

Majestic Heights Farm Land Clearing Services can be the answer to your headache.  We will come with the right equipment to get the job done fast, safe and efficiently, giving you access to the land you need sooner.   

Service Area


Reclaim the field that has overgrown reducing your acreage and revenue or expand your field increasing profitability

Building a new home or commercial building needs the perfect lot whether that is a cleared field or a manicured lot retaining those large trees

Trails for walks through the forest, riding trails or equipment access

Installing a new fence or clearing along an older fence that is grown over with brush creating a safety issue for your livestock

We clean up the smaller trees and brush promoting a healthier more alive forest that is clean and well maintained

Ensure clear vision along the road side for safety and clearing out ditches to increase water flow away from properties

Remove the growth around poles and hydro line easements

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