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Forestry Mulching and Land Clearing Services

Land clearing forestry mulching

Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching is a service that is used to clean up a forest by removing underbrush, dead branches saplings, smaller vegetation, and any other type of forest floor growth from large plots of land.

The advantages are a healthier forest as the mulch created feeds the larger trees you want to keep and allowing more sun and moister to reach the tree trunk stimulating growth.  

This also creates a more pleasant forest to look at and can add value to your property.

Trail Creation & Maintenance

Trail creation & maintenance is ideal for the property owner that wants a path for dog walks, horse rides or just a relaxing walk through your forest.

This trail helps your forest become usable year round as it is not only a hiking path in the summer but now a skiing, sledding or horseshoeing trail in the winter.

Our equipment has use of GPS to ensure the trail is as you would like it.  We can also make it a wide spacious path or a smaller more intimate trail based on your needs.

We are sure you will love the increased usage by wildlife as they too will enjoy a clear trail to follow.  Set up trail cams and enjoy watching Moose, Bear or smaller animals like a Fox or Lynx moving along your trails.


Construction Site Prep

Construction Site Prep is necessary before building on a new property.  To remove trees and undergrowth to allow for land surveying and leveling prior to building.

Either for Industrial and Commercial or for Residential our services are ideal.  We can clear a large acre property for building warehouses or manufacturing facilities.  Or we can clear only what you need to build the dream home in the middle of the forest. 

Our equipment can clear cut or manicure a property leaving all the desirable trees based on your plans. 

Forest Fire Prevention & Clean up

Forest Fire Prevention & Cleanup is unfortunately becoming more and more required.  Forest fires are responsible for the loss of properties, our natural resources and unfortunately sometimes loss of life. Common wildfire prevention measures like controlled burns can be risky, expensive and limited with resources.

We offer a sustainable, safe, and cost-effective alternative that is designed for the property owner.

We will remove the “fuel” a fire needs to spread through creating fire breaks  removing the underbrush and dead branches the fire consumes, by mulching and spreading the mulch over the land for a natural fire break.  This method provides the needed time for firefighters to contain and reduce the threat of the fire threatening your home, property and livelihood.

If cleanup is needed we mulch the area to increase organic matter in order to promote growth again. 

Land Clearing Majestic Heights Farm

Land Clearing

Land Clearing is typically used by farmers to either open new usable field acreage, or reclaim fields that once were used already. We can remove hedgerows you no longer require or the outer rim of your field keeps expanding reducing your usable land so we need to remove the vegetation creeping into your field. 

Adding additional acreage will increase production and revenue on land you already own.     

Easements & Right of Ways

Easements & Right of Ways should be cleared every couple years to eliminate overgrowth and crowding of power lines and roadways.

Typically Utilities hire us for this to maintain their accessibility to lines and equipment.  We also clear roadways and driveways for land access for property owners.


Easement Clearing Majestic Heights Farm

Fence Lines

Fence Lines can get out of control quickly which will interfere with field fencing and electric fence lines.  This overgrowth can also reduce usable land as it creeps into the field reducing productivity on your fields.

Also, when installing a new fence or replacing an existing fence you want to clear the area for a clean new fence that is easier to upkeep in the future.

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Right equipment for the job. Richard is the right guy to hire.
Doug I.

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We engaged Richard to clear our industrial building site in the New Liskeard Industrial park. He did an excellent job not just in clearing the land but in helping us locate property corner markers.
Sandy T.

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